Разнообразие форматов Terraklinker

Beyond the timeless square tiles, we provide you with the opportunity to choose from our refined rectangular formats (15x50 – 25x50, among others) and explore our exclusive collection of special formats. These options open the doors to a unique geometry that significantly enriches the floor design, injecting personality into the space. From the clean lines of the Naveta or the Alfardón to the alluring curves of the Scata, or the Provenzal, seamlessly blending the conventional grid with decorative elements.

This array of special formats allows you to tackle renovation projects in historical or old buildings as well as in monuments, ensuring a seamless integration of tiles that complement the surroundings flawlessly. Noteworthy among them, the Provenzal design not only delivers a captivating aesthetic but also introduces a splash of color, featuring vibrant elements like blue, white, or other customizable options based on your preferences.

This choice is not only aesthetically appealing but also meets the rigorous technical characteristics present in all our pavements. The surface of these special formats is also designed to be non-slip, frost-resistant, and capable of withstanding thermal shocks, ensuring durability and safety in any setting.

In Terraklinker, we recognize the uniqueness of every project. Our diverse range of formats not only reflects this understanding but also empowers our customers with the freedom to explore limitless design possibilities, ensuring that their spaces stand out as truly distinctive and appealing.