Klinker collections TERRAKLINKER – Gres de Breda

NATURAL Collection

Earth, water, air and fire are the components that make Terraklinker stoneware a ceramic with the touch of nobility characteristic of natural products. Its great robustness makes it ideal for areas with heavy traffic in both outdoor and indoor spaces. The NATURAL collection stands out for the variety in its floor tiles and above all for its wide range of special pieces that facilitate the resolution of any construction project. The warm colours and the shade variation of all the tiles and accessories are genuine, those shades remind us the diversity of colors of nature.

ANTICA Collection

The ANTICA collection is a ceramic that brings together the tradition of artisanal production processes and the contribution of the most recent technological advances in the manufacture of extruded stoneware, the result is a high quality ceramic. ANTICA floor tiles remind us of the natural beauty of terracotta tiles which also evoke the warmth of the Mediterranean. They can be applied both outdoors and indoors, without any treatment. In rural areas, where noble materials such as stone and ceramics combine well, ANTICA participates with full harmony.

LAVA Collection

LAVA is a klinker composed of high quality clays from quarries near the factory. They are carefully selected clays, to which no flux is added. The previously extruded ceramic paste is processed in periodic kilns and it is subjected to high temperatures that reach 1,360º C. Its long and complex manufacturing process allows an optimal result not only for the achieved technical performances but also for its exclusive texture, a colour and shade variation with burgundy and metallic tones.

BASALTO Collection

When "dressing up" sober spaces, but with charm and harmony, building professionals choose this natural stoneware as it meets the most demanding criteria of current architecture. Thanks to its extreme hardness, its resistance to thermal shock and its excellent behavior against frost, Terraklinker floorings are a very safe solution in areas with a severe climate. In its production process, Terraklinker stoneware requires an optimal balance between the maximum firing temperature (1,360º C), the stability of the mass and the different atmospheres in the kiln. This harmony is essential to achieve the high technical performance present in all Terraklinker collections.

DUNA Collection

Thanks to the effort and maintenance of our commitment in defense of the environment, we have achieved a new balanced combination between technique and aesthetics. The beauty of the dunes, the source of inspiration for this new collection, incorporates the luminosity characteristic of the landscapes covered by sand. Its shade variation evokes warmth and offers a very pleasant walkable surface, which recreates the restful beach and sun spaces of the Mediterranean coast, they also suggest closeness to nature.

STRATUS Collection

Natural stone step risers which combine perfectly with our step tiles from the DunaNatural and Basalto collections.

They are an excellent decoration element to outfit walls and staircases with elegance and sobriety.