Industrial floorings

Acid-resistant ceramics according to norm UNE-EN ISO 10545-13

UNE-EN ISO 10545-13

Terraklinker complies with standard UNE-EN ISO 10545-13 – Resistance to acids and bases

Anti-slip ceramic tile with R12 according to standard DIN 51130

R12 - DIN 51130

Terraklinker gets the classification R12 according to standard DIN 51130 – Very good slip resistance according to the ramp method with standardized footwear and oil interposition

Non-slip ceramic tiles for industrial florings

UNE-ENV 12633:2003

Terraklinker complies with the requirements of class 3 according to standard UNE-ENV 12633:2003 (Código Técnico de la Edificación in Spain)

Non-slip ceramic tiles with class C according to standard DIN 51097

C - DIN 51097

Terraklinker complies with the requirements of Class C according to standard DIN 51097 – High slip resistance according the ramp method of barefoot walking and water interposition

Klinker for industrial floorings

As a result of the non-slip property inherent to Terraklinker stoneware tiles (R12 according to DIN 51130), its great robustness (a hardness of 8 on the Mohs scale), its resistance to deep abrasion and bending, this klinker is suitable for floorings which require very specific characteristics. In some industries a high resistance to the use of acids may be required, Terraklinker resists all acids except hydrofluoric acid and its derivatives as well as salt.

Formats and accessories of stoneware for industrial floorings

The mechanical resistance of ceramics varies according to the format and thickness of the tiles. In spaces where the floorings are subject to high tension (machines, forklift trucks, etc...), Terraklinker proposes formats with greater thickness to suit to the industrial requirements; we have these formats in bigger thickness: 15x15x2.3 – 15x30x2.3 – 15x41x2.3 – 25x25x1.9.

In all cases, professional and careful fixing is essential for an optimal result, well-laid tiles will be much more resistant. To improve the industrial floor coverings, the fixing of special pieces such as angular bullnoses and scotias allow a better finishing of industrial installations.