Klinker wall tiles

Klinker wall tiles
Klinker resistant to thermal shock

UNE-EN ISO 10545-9

Terraklinker complies with standard UNE-EN ISO 10545-9 – Thermal-shock resistance

Frost proof klinker floor tiles

UNE-EN ISO 10545-12

Terraklinker complies with standard UNE-EN ISO 10545-12 – Frost resistance

Terraklinker – Gres de Breda ceramic cladding features

Natural stoneware is an excellent choice for exterior wall cladding thanks to its high resistance to adverse weather conditions. Terraklinker wall tiles give full guarantee of resistance to thermal shock and very low temperatures (below -40º C). Due to its robustness and its resistance to harsh weather, natural klinker can be fixed as a baseboard on the exterior walls of houses in countries that withstand extreme temperatures.

Our extrusion manufacturing system enables us to create a variety of decorative pieces such as Sonata and Scata minor. It also enables to produce special pieces that join floor and wall tiles, such as scotias, profiles … Klinker cladding tiles offer manyfold decorative solutions in both private and public spaces.

Other technical solutions with Terraklinker