DUNA Collection

Sand colour klinker collection DUNA

Thanks to our effort and commitment to protecting the environment, we have achieved a balanced combination between technique and aesthetics with DUNA collection. The beauty of dunes inspires this new collection which embraces the luminosity of these sandy landscapes. Its tones evoke warmth and offer a very pleasant walkable surface that recreates the beckoning sun and beaches of the coast.

DUNA collection features

Just like our other collections, Natural, Antica, Lava and Basalto. DUNA offers excellent technical performance in terms of resistance and durability.

DUNA collection provides a soft quality thanks to a smoother texture that still maintains good performance as non-slip flooring; it ensures safety to walkway areas with high levels of humidity and steep slopes. Its anti-slip surface and high resistance to salt, acid and chemical products make the DUNA ceramic collection a perfect material for building safe spaces around swimming pools.

Usage of the DUNA ceramic collection

Thanks to its high technical performance and its warm and soft tones that could easily be mistaken for sand, DUNA is the perfect collection for sunny seaside areas: tourist resorts, hotels etc. Its warm shades will surely contribute to making your future projects a total success.