Applications in natural extruded klinker TERRAKLINKER – Gres de Breda

Natural extruded stoneware for pool decks

With Gres de Breda on terraces and pool edges, technology combines very well with aesthetics. Terraklinker is highly valued for its wide range of pool edgings, for the special pieces that complement those edges and especially for the inherent characteristic of the product, the safety when walking on wet surfaces. The chromatic range of each collection together with their natural texture and colour variation bring warmth to the whole.

Natural extruded stoneware for terraces

When it comes to choosing a floor surface for your terrace, nothing beats a natural ceramic material, especially one that is also in tune with its surroundings. With Terraklinker natural extruded stoneware, you can tile your terrace in your preferred style: Nordic, with the Basalto and Lava collections, Mediterranean with the Natural collection or rustic with the Antica collection.

The variation in the shades of Terraklinker natural tiles is an intended effect. According to its location in the kiln, the tiles will acquire a shade or another. The colour tone of Terraklinker products is one of its intrinsic characteristics. With Terraklinker natural stoneware you can tile your patio and all your outdoor spaces, and you will obtain a flooring which fits in extremely well with your garden’s landscaping.

You can create a visual continuity between the various environments by tiling with Terraklinker the terrace, your veranda and also inside your home. We have several formats of our Natural collection with a smooth finish designed for interiors.

Natural extruded stoneware for stairs

Terraklinker natural extruded stoneware is widely used to tile staircases, not only for its robust appearance, but also because using Terraklinker makes stairs extremely resistant and safe. They can be used in regions with extreme weather conditions (temperatures below – 40ºC). On the other hand, Terraklinker ceramics are highly resistant to slipping, achieving category R12 in the Din 51130 test and category C in the Din 51097 test. It is important to stress that the non-slip property is inherent to all the pieces of Terraklinker´s collections. Therefore, staircases with natural stoneware Terraklinker are safe despite rain and humidity.

Terraklinker meets the requirements of the Technical Building Code (CTE in Spain) which regulates the quality standards for building construction in Spain. These regulations establish the basic construction safety specifications. According to the basic requirements of Safety of Use against the risk of falls (SU1), in relation to ceramic tiles, it is established that “floor surfaces shall be suitable for facilitating circulation and preventing people from slipping”. Terraklinker floor tiles meet the requirements and have been awarded a grade 3 classification, the required grade for materials for paving outdoor areas.

For an optimal fixing of klinker step tiles, we recommend following our data sheet informing about the fixing of klinker step tiles.

Natural extruded stoneware for industrial floorings

Thanks to the non-slip property inherent to Terraklinker stoneware tiles, to its great robustness (a hardness 8 on the Mohs scale) and to its excellent resistance to acids and bases, this stoneware is suitable for floorings which require very specific characteristics.

To give more impact resistance and to comply with the needs of industries, Terraklinker provides formats with greater thickness: 15x15x2.3 – 15x30x2.3 – 15x41x2.3 – 41x41x2.8. Special pieces such as scotias, angular bullnoses and profiles allow a better finish for industrial surfaces to be tiled.