Technical solutions in natural extruded klinker TERRAKLINKER – Gres de Breda

Klinker floor tiles

Thanks to its extrusion manufacturing process, the back of Terraklinker pieces has grooves called dovetails. Those grooves improve the contact surface between the adhesive and the ceramic piece in order to give optimal grip properties of our material to the base to be tiled.

The paving tiles with natural clinker are a very safe solution, there is no risk of slipping. Terraklinker is certified by accredited laboratories as extruded klinker with high slip resistance. It is a ceramic with R-12 grade according to DIN 51130. On very steep slopes, our ramp piece provides total safety, thanks to its embossed finish that prevents falls and slips.

Klinker wall tiles

Natural stoneware is an excellent choice for exterior wall cladding thanks to its high resistance to adverse weather conditions. Terraklinker wall tiles give full guarantee of resistance to thermal shock and very low temperatures (below -40º C). Due to its robustness and its resistance to harsh weather, natural klinker can be fixed as a baseboard on the exterior walls of houses in countries that withstand extreme temperatures.

Our extrusion manufacturing system enables us to create a variety of decorative pieces such as Sonata and Scata minor. It also enables to produce special pieces that join floor and wall tiles, such as scotias, profiles … Klinker cladding tiles offer manyfold decorative solutions in both private and public spaces.

Decorative elements

For your staircases you can choose decorative elements, Terraklinker suggests several options: the touch of color with the Jessen & Ruhi glazed step tiles and the warm tones of nature with Stratus natural stone collection.

To clad your outside walls – recreating the colors of nature – you can count on the Stratus collection’s ochre-toned slates or grey or beige quartzite. This collection’s material is timeless and fits in very well in any type of environment, from the most rustic to the most contemporary.

To decorate your terraces, pools decks and claddings … Terraklinker presents a variety of decorative elements with borders and circular features.