LAVA Collection

Non-slip klinker ANTICA Collection

LAVA is natural extruded klinker made up of high-quality clays, rich in oxides, they are extracted from quarries near the manufacturing plant of Terraklinker. Those clays are carefully selected, and no flux is added; the ceramic dough, once extruded, is fired at high temperature with complex atmospheres in intermittent kilns.

LAVA collection features

The collection’s long manufacturing process provides an optimal outcome, not only in terms of the material’s technical performance, but also regarding its attractive finish and its natural variations in shading, with burgundy and metallic tones. As its name indicates, LAVA comes from the Earth’s core and its color evokes the nobility of good wine.

Gres de Breda performs very well in frosty conditions and it has a good resistance to thermal shock. It resists temperatures below -40º C and remains unalterable in sudden climatic changes. Gres de Breda outdoor natural paving tiles are the safest solution in regions with harsh weather conditions.


Usage of the LAVA ceramic collection

Terraklinker natural stoneware offers a slip-resistant structure, highly recommended for outdoor terraces and swimming pool edges since it is a safe material for those walkway areas with high level of humidity and steep slopes. It has also great resistance to aggressive chemical substances.

LAVA collection is a natural extruded klinker with excellent resistance to abrasion, compression and impact. This combination of top technical specifications makes it suitable for domestic projects as well as public areas.

Thanks to its intrinsic texture, Terraklinker-Gres de Breda turns out unique among all the natural extruded clinkers.