NATURAL Collection

NATURAL Collection

Earth, water, air and fire are the components that give Terraklinker tiles their noble touch, characteristic of natural ceramic products.

NATURAL collection features

A long and complex process of single firing for over 40 hours at a high temperature (1,360º C), gives the NATURAL collection its unique look. The warmth of its genuine variations in shade is its most precious attribute, since it embodies a clear closeness to nature.  It also offers a stable chromatic range that does not change over time. The NATURAL collection performs very well in frosty conditions and under sudden temperature changes.  It is highly resistant to erosion and abrasion produced by tough weather conditions and its robustness makes it ideal for areas with heavy traffic.

Usage of the NATURAL ceramic collection

With its outstanding variety of formats and designs and its wide range of special pieces, the NATURAL extruded klinker gives a solution to any achitectural needs in projects for outdoor and indoor areas. Thanks to its excellent slip resistance and its resistance to chemical products, Terraklinker natural stoneware is highly recommended for outdoor terraces and ting pool edges. It is a very safe solution in those walkway areas with high level of humidity and steep slopes. With its peculiar and exclusive texture, Gres de breda natural stoneware is unique among all natural extruded klinker materials.