NATURAL Collection

Non-slip klinker floor tiles for pool decks

A genuine and timeless stoneware with an exclusive texture, the NATURAL collection is unique among all klinker tiles and it is the best choice for outdoor floorings.

NATURAL collection features

An authentic natural stoneware

A ceramic with a look and a composition which are entirely natural; earth, water, air and fire are the components of the NATURAL collection, a high-performance extruded stoneware. Its floor tiles have the nobel touch characteristic of natural ceramic products, thanks to the warmth of its tones and to its genuine shade variation; just as in nature no tile is alike to another.

A long and complex single-firing process of more than 40 hours at high temperature (1,360º C) gives the tiles of the NATURAL collection a unique aesthetic, bright colors that evoke the warm tones of the Mediterranean. The distinctive color range of the Natural collection is very stable, it does not vary instead it becomes more beautiful over time. 

Anti-frost and non-slip stoneware for outdoor floorings

Outside, the materials that participate in the construction of a building are exposed to varied and even harsh weather conditions in areas with severe climates. The NATURAL collection resists those adversities thanks to its very good performance when frost arises and when temperatures change suddenly again and again. It is also very resistant to wear and abrasion produced by the different atmospheric agents.

Without adding any specific component, the clinker tiles of the NATURAL collection are completely non-slip (class C), an essential feature to avoid slips and falls, in short to be safe floor tiles.

Usage of the NATURAL ceramic collection

Due to its great resistance to slipping and to chemicals, Terraklinker natural stoneware is highly recommended for terraces and pool decks, as it provides a lot of security in those walkable areas where a high level of humidity and steep slopes are combined.

With its extensive variety of formats and designs, along with a very wide range of special pieces, the NATURAL collection offers multiple applications and responds to any architectural need in outdoor projects. The assorted range of accessories (different models of step tiles, angles, scotias, handrails, ramps…) provides the solutions to achieve careful architectural finishes.

Extruded klinker also stands out for its great robustness, making it very suitable for its fixing in industrial floorings and in spaces with intense use of trolleys, forklifts…

NATURAL, a sustainable collection, fully recyclable and respectful of the environment as a result of the commitment of the company. A high-quality ceramics where aesthetics and technique are in harmony gives us the peace of mind of achieving an attractive flooring for many years.