Swimming pools

Swimming pools
Non-slip Terraklinker floor tiles with R12 of test DIN 51130

DIN 51130

Terraklinker gets the classification R12 according to standard DIN 51130 – Very good slip resistance according to the ramp method with standardized footwear and oil interposition

Non-slip tiles class C for swimming pools

UNE-ENV 12633:2003

Terraklinker meets the requirements of the standard UNE-ENV 12633:2003 with class 3 (Spanish Technical Building Code)

Non-slip clinker class C according to DIN 51097

C - DIN 51097

Terraklinker complies with the requirements of Class C according to standard DIN 51097 – High slip resistance according to the ramp method of barefoot walking and water interposition

Chemical resistant ceramic according to UNE-EN ISO 10545-13

UNE-EN ISO 10545-13

Terraklinker complies with the standard UNE-EN ISO 10545-13 – Acid and base resistance

On your terrace around the pool, a non-slip flooring is essential to prevent slips and falls. Slip resistance is an inherent characteristic of Terraklinker tiles, ensuring good foot grip on wet floors.

With Terraklinker around your pool, you benefit from the alliance of technique and aesthetics: a non-slip flooring, a wide range of pool edges and special pieces as well as a unique color range thanks to the subtle differences in shading and the natural texture of each collection.

Anti-slip ceramic for safe use in swimming pool projects

The Terraklinker collections are tiles with high slip resistance, an essential quality for outdoor projects with water areas. It is a non-slip surface material with excellent performance in both dry and wet areas; which allows us to provide very effective solutions for pool projects of all types.

The tests to which this klinker has been subjected to evaluate its anti-slip properties give remarkable results:

  • The DIN 51130 test is carried out with an inclined and greased plane on which a person walks with approved footwear. Terraklinker stoneware obtains category R12 according to the standard, meaning that the inclination of the test plane is between 27 and 35º. With an R12 we are talking about strong grip.

However, for applications around swimming pools, the reference standard is DIN 51097:

  • The test is carried out with an inclined and wet surface on which a person walks barefoot. Terraklinker stoneware obtains Class C according to the Din 51097 standard. In this case we are also talking about strong adhesion with a slope higher than 24º.

It is worth noting that no component is added to the surface of Terraklinker ceramic tiles to guarantee its slip resistance. Since this quality is inherent to the material, all the tiles and all the special pieces in the different Terraklinker collections are non-slip. Therefore, we can assure that Terraklinker stoneware is a reliable ceramic for the flooring around swimming pools. It is also worth highlighting its good weather behavior over time: Terraklinker stoneware is resistant to extreme temperatures and remains stable despite possible strong and sudden thermal variation. Furthermore, this ceramic does not change its tone with solar radiation.

Safety requirements for swimming pool areas

Terraklinker meets the requirements of the Technical Building Code that regulates the spanish quality requirements that buildings must meet in terms of structural safety, fire safety, safety in use, hygiene, health and environmental protection, noise protection, energy efficiency and thermal insulation. In compliance with the basic Safety of Use (SU) standards, with regard to ceramic tiles, the Basic Safety Document regarding the risk of falls (SU1) establishes that “floor surfaces shall be suitable for facilitating circulation and preventing pedestrians from falling." Terraklinker floor tiles fulfill the requirements that stipulate that the surfaces in outdoor areas and in pool edgings must be classifed as grade 3.

Non-slip clinker tiles for pools and surroundings
Anti-slip clinker Class 3 for swimming pool terraces


The klinker pool stairs allow safe entry into the water. Both the texture and the micro-relief of the Terraklinker stoneware favor good foot grip on the floor, avoiding slips and falls that are so frequent and dangerous in pool areas.

Clinker resistant to salt and chemicals

Algaecides, pH correctors, flocculants, chlorine, anti-limescale products and bromine are usually used for the conservation of pool water. Terraklinker is resistant to all these chemical agents and additives that ensure good maintenance of the pool water; it is an outdoor ceramic tile that does not see its technical characteristics nor its color altered by salt or by any of those chemicals, it makes it a perfect material for pool areas and surrounding areas.

Thanks to its resistance to salt Terraklinker is fixed as copings in saltwater pools and in areas near the beach, promenades...

Quarry tiles for infinity pools

In swimming pools where the water reaches the level of the pool edges, the Finnish overflow system is used. Thanks to this system, water constantly overflows from the pool edges, allowing its good mixing. The continual flow of the water which regularly passes through the filtration system, ensures its maintenance.

You can choose between two types of overflow copings for these infinity pools, either the Finlandesa model or the XL model.

Most infinity pools need grates to cover the drainage system used to collect the water which overflows from the pool. Terraklinker offers two grating models (L and XL), both with interior corners, which provide a better work finish. The ceramic grates with their corners offer the pool and its surroundings a harmonious visual appearance.

For both overflow pools and terrace drainage, you can choose between two types of drainage channels (L and XL). Terraklinker drainage channels with their klinker grates offer a comprehensive solution for your terraces and pool surroundings. We advise to fix one perforated XL drainage channel (the hole is located on the side of the channel) every 9 non-perforated drainage channels.

For traditional pools, you can opt for the Mediterranean edge, which comes with its inside and outside corner.

Our clinker tiles are a safe bet when tiling outdoor spaces that require high technical performance.