Gres de Breda

The origins of Gres de Breda date back to almost a century (1921) with the company La Cerámica Moderna which was created in Mataró (Barcelona). This is where refractory materials and industrial clinker at high temperature were manufactured. A few years later, the company Gres Breda, S. A. was founded, incorporating new technology, innovation and design, relying on its experience in high-fire ceramic material. The company thrived without forgetting the origin and traditional beauty of ceramics. It developed ceramic products that seem to be of the past, but those ceramics speak of the present, with an extraordinary natural beauty and exceptional characteristics and performance.

Those ceramics are natural and environmentally-friendly products, that is to say non-polluting products which were cleanly manufactured in the plants based in Castelserás (Teruel) and in Riells i Viabrea (Barcelona).

When Gres Breda, S. A. had to put an end to its project of manufacturing ceramics which were  highly valued in the market, a great part of the workers raised the possibility of buying the plant located in Castelserás. It gave birth to the company TERRAKLINKER, S.L.L. whose main objective is to offer the market architectural solutions with high-quality ceramic products.