Non-slip klinker for housing

Housing projects with Terraklinker – Gres de Breda

When choosing the floor tiles for our home we consider both the aesthetic and technical qualities of the material to be fixed. Terraklinker combines those two qualities, since it has a vibrant personality and remains unaltered over time. Its chromatic tones combine very well with its surroundings: it’s a rustic stoneware whose tonal variations make it stand out among all extruded ceramics; on the other hand, it combines perfectly with other noble materials of nature such as wood, slate and other natural stones. Its genuine subtle differences in shading allow you to mix different batches without any noticeable difference, making it easier to carry out extensions and/or renovations at a later date. The colors remain vivid and their tonality does not change over the years or fade due to solar radiation.

Usage of klinker for housing

With Terraklinker interior and exterior floorings, the continuity between the indoor and outdoor spaces is also achieved, since they look the same. Terraklinker interior floor tiles have a smoother texture which facilitates its cleaning; this finishing makes them ideal for the interior of the home and the gallery.

The outdoor areas of a home require a high-quality material. A key requirement for any exterior paving material used in terraces, gardens, porches, patios, etc. is for it to be safe for walking on in adverse weather conditions such as humidity, rain or even snow and ice.