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Characteristics of Terraklinker Stoneware Floor Tiles

Terraklinker floor tiles in extruded stoneware are stand out their exceptional features, providing optimal safety and exceptional durability in various environments.

Certified by renowned laboratories, these tiles meet rigorous standards for slip resistance, classified as R-12 according to DIN 51130 and Class C according to DIN 51097 for barefoot use, ensuring safety in all conditions. Additionally, they comply with the ANSI a137.1:2012 standard, affirming their superior quality.

Their total stability is a crucial feature, enduring even the most extreme weather conditions. Resistant to frost and abrupt temperature changes, these tiles also boast exceptional resistance to thermal shock, mitigating any risk of structural damage.

Thanks to their resistance to acids, pool water additives, and their anti-slip certification, Terraklinker floor tiles are ideal for aquatic spaces, providing optimal grip even in wet environments.

Their unmatched robustness, with a Mohs hardness of 8 and excellent mechanical properties, makes them resistant to wear, abrasion, and heavy pedestrian traffic, perfectly suited for high-traffic areas. Moreover, thicker format options are available for added strength.

Non-slip klinker tiles Terraklinker

UNE-ENV 12633:2003

Terraklinker complies with the requirements of class 3 according to standard UNE-ENV 12633:2003 (Código Técnico de la Edificación in Spain)

Non-slip clinker floor tiles

R2 - DIN 51130

Terraklinker gets the classification R12 according to standard DIN 51130 – Very good slip resistance according to the ramp method with standardized footwear and oil interposition

Frost proof clinker floor tiles

UNE-EN ISO 10545-12

Terraklinker complies with standard UNE-EN ISO 10545-12 – Frost resistance

Non-slip clinker floor tiles with Class C according to standard DIN 51097

C - DIN 51097

Terraklinker complies with the requirements of Class C according to standard DIN 51097 – High slip resistance according the ramp method of barefoot walking and water interposition

Formats of klinker floor tiles

Terraklinker offers a variety of klinker floor tile formats to meet a wide range of aesthetic and functional needs. Alongside classic options like square and rectangular tiles, unique choices such as Scata, Naveta, Provenzal, and Alfardón add a distinctive touch to any space. Tile thickness ranges from 13 mm to 23 mm, depending on the chosen format. The largest extruded stoneware tile formats available measure 41x41x2.3 and 25x50x1.9, providing ample options to meet specific project requirements.

This versatility in formats allows for flexible design and spatial arrangement, suitable for residential, commercial, or institutional projects. Furthermore, special floor tile options offer additional customization, empowering designers and architects to create inspiring and unique spaces.

Interior and exterior floor tiles collections

Terraklinker ceramic floors are celebrated for their excellent technical qualities, making them a preferred choice for outdoor spaces subject to environmental elements, heavy traffic, and the test of time.

For outdoor areas, where durability is paramount, Terraklinker offers a selection of floor tiles engineered to withstand environmental demands while preserving aesthetics and durability.

For indoor spaces prioritizing aesthetics and comfort, Terraklinker presents the Interior collection of floor and step tiles, featuring a refined and smooth finish. These floors facilitate visual continuity across different indoor and outdoor spaces, providing a pleasant, easy-to-maintain surface.

Whether indoors or outdoors, Terraklinker floor tiles represent a quality choice that seamlessly blends functionality, durability, and aesthetics to create spaces that are both beautiful and functional.

Terraklinker tile color palette

The variety of colors offered by Terraklinker results from a subtle harmony between the clays and minerals that make up the ceramic, combined with sophisticated firing and combustion techniques. Rustic stoneware floor tiles from Terraklinker exhibit natural tones and a matte finish, imparting an authentic ambiance to any space. Various collections, such as Natural, Antica, and Duna, evoke warm, Mediterranean tones, while Lava and Basalto collections draw inspiration from Nordic landscapes. All Terraklinker collections maintain their original color and their shades, enduring frequent traffic, the passage of time, and intense sunlight exposure.

Klinker accessories

To refine your space with elegance and functionality, Terraklinker offers a wide array of klinker accessories. Whether for stairs, pools, drainage areas, or finishing touches, our collection includes everything necessary to perfect your project. Our offerings encompass step tiles for seamless level transitions, pool copings for both aesthetics and practicality, drainage channels for efficient water management, and a variety of finishing pieces for edges and angles. Leveraging our extrusion manufacturing process, we provide a broader range of extruded stoneware accessories compared to other ceramic types. Whether enhancing your staircase with elegance, fortifying your pool with durable copings, or ensuring effective water management in outdoor spaces, our special pieces deliver an impeccable final result.

Installation of extruded stoneware

Terraklinker tiles and accessories are shaped through extrusion, ensuring optimal density. Grooves on the tile undersides ensure secure adhesion by maximizing contact surface area with the adhesive. During installation, it is advisable to consistently align tiles in the same direction as the grooves for a uniform and aesthetically pleasing layout.

A comprehensive installation guide is available to ensure flawless execution, including proper consideration of expansion and structural joints. Furthermore, Terraklinker tiles require no additional treatment post-installation, streamlining the process and guaranteeing a superior-quality final outcome.

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