BASALTO Collection

BASALTO - non-slip clinker collection

In the process of production of its extruded stoneware, Terraklinker achieves an optimal balance between the maximum firing temperature (1,360º C), the stability of the dough and the different atmospheres in the kiln. Such harmony is essential to achieve the high technical specifications present in all Terraklinker´s collections.

BASALTO collection features

Thanks to its extreme hardness, thermal shock resistance and excellent behaviour in frost (it can endure temperatures below -40º C), Gres de Breda clinker  paving tiles are the safest solution in regions with harsh weather conditions.

BASALTO natural klinker has great resistance to acids and chemical products, and it offers an anti-slip structure that is highly recommended for terraces and swimming pool edges. BASALTO clinker paving tiles are safe in those wet and sloping walkway areas.

Usage of the BASALTO ceramic collection

BASALTO is a hard-wearing natural klinker with very good resistance to erosion, compression and abrasion. Its top technical specifications make it suitable for both domestic and public projects. It also offers good solutions to any architectural need in projects for outdoor areas and stands as a lasting investment with minimum maintenance.

Natural extruded stoneware generally offers a limited range of colors, usually the earthy colors with variations in shade; however, the BASALTO collection defies this tendency with its dark slate tones. Therefore, when it comes to tiling simple – yet charming and harmonious – spaces, construction professionals choose BASALTO, as it fully satisfies the most demanding criteria of current-day architecture.