Gres de Breda Terraklinker outdoor ceramics

TERRAKLINKER, S.L.L. specializes in manufacturing and promoting the esteemed ceramic products known as Gres de Breda. This natural stoneware is widely recognized for its outstanding quality and distinction in the market.

Guided by experienced leaders with extensive expertise in the production of extruded natural stoneware, TERRAKLINKER embodies a business initiative that, through its exclusive production methods, guarantees optimal and unique results in all its products.

The primary focus of TERRAKLINKER revolves around blending tradition with the latest technical advances to generously meet the demands of a market seeking environmentally friendly natural products. We remain committed to providing quality solutions with natural ceramic products that continue to captivate our customers.

Throughout this journey, quality has been a central pillar. From the manufacturing process to the final product, we strive to maintain the highest standards. This unwavering dedication to quality has not only defined our identity but has also been the foundation for the ongoing satisfaction of our customers.



Non-slip ceramics for outdoors

The word “Klinker” or “Clinker”

finds its origins in Northern Europe, specifically linked to the development of fired clay bricks. Over time, this concept has evolved to currently refer to a material that undergoes extrusion and high-temperature firing, resulting in ceramic known for its exceptional hardness, minimal water absorption, and notable resistance to both mechanical forces and chemical agents.

The production of klinker is carried out through the extrusion process, in which the ceramic mass, composed of the precise combination of clays and water, is pressed into a mold, resulting in a molded bar with the desired shape, whether tiles or special pieces. This procedure is followed by extensive drying and firing at temperatures surpassing 1,200 degrees Celsius. This intense thermal exposure induces sintering, transforming the material into a compact and exceptionally resilient mass.

The remarkable hardness of klinker manifests as outstanding resistance to wear and abrasion, making it an hard-wearing material and an ideal choice for floor and wall coverings in areas subjected to high traffic or challenging conditions. Its exceptional mechanical and chemical resilience positions it as a particularly suitable option for applications requiring durability or superior strength, such as industrial coatings. Notably, klinker stands out by not requiring any surface treatment.

The concept of "Klinker" has undergone significant evolution since its inception in Northern Europe, establishing itself as a benchmark in ceramic materials suitable for paving outdoor spaces and industrial floors.