Salt resistant clinker in sea mall

Extruded natural rustic stoneware information

Klinker, an authentic connection with nature and sustainability

Also known as natural stoneware Klinker stands out in the field of ceramic flooring for achieving a unique blend between the authenticity of clay and the extrusion process. Its production method, rooted in the careful use of earth, water, and fire, embodies simplicity and sustainability, making it a conscientious environmental choice.

The superior technical properties of natural stoneware make it a practical and resilient option for outdoor spaces, effectively withstanding challenging weather conditions and continuous use. Its irregular appearance adds a unique and natural touch to any environment, creating a harmonious connection with the surrounding nature.

Klinker, a sustainable blend

Extruded stoneware emerges from a meticulous blend of clays and water, establishing itself as an eco-friendly choice. This mixture undergoes an extrusion process, shaping the mass with a technique that efficiently produces tiles and unique pieces.

The freshly molded pieces then go through a meticulous and controlled drying process designed to gradually eliminate moisture and prevent potential defects. Once the pieces reach the desired moisture level, they face firing in an intermittent or tunnel kiln, reaching temperatures exceeding 1,200 °C. This intense firing is crucial to achieve the optimal fusion of clay particles, creating a compact and solid structure that gives extruded stoneware its exceptional hardness and resistance.

Klinker, a reliable choice for your outdoor spaces

  • Technical features of klinker

Natural stoneware stands out for its remarkable technical characteristics, making it a privileged choice for outdoor spaces. Its robustness makes it an ideal material even in high-traffic public areas that demand stringent technical standards. Moreover, its slip resistance significantly enhances safety in moisture-prone areas.

Its resilience to frost and thermal shock ensures longevity in environments subjected to extreme weather conditions. The capacity to resist acids highlights its versatility and durability in settings with various chemical agents. Furthermore, its impact resistance and ability to withstand wear make it suitable for daily and continuous use without compromising its appearance or structural integrity.

The resistance to chemicals and salinity further broadens the applications of natural stoneware, establishing it as a sturdy and trustworthy choice for environments that demand not only physical resistance but also protection against corrosive elements.

Natural stoneware presents a comprehensive array of technical characteristics, setting it apart as a durable and resilient material, perfectly suited for a variety of demanding contexts.

  • The distinctive aesthetic of natural stoneware

Natural stoneware is characterized by a unique rough texture that gives it a particular aesthetic and non-slip properties. As an unglazed material, this ceramic shows slight water absorption, allowing the material to breathe naturally while showcasing exceptional frost resistance, outperforming porcelain and glazed ceramic tiles.

A notable feature of its appearance is the thickness of its tiles, conveying a robust and durable feel. On the back of these tiles, you'll commonly find more or less pronounced grooves, which ensure a secure grip of the pieces on the cement base.

  • Versatility unveiled: the many applications of klinker

Klinker takes the spotlight for its unparalleled versatility. Its slip resistance makes it the perfect choice for outdoor spaces like poolside terraces and stairs, prioritizing safety in these areas. Indoors, its adaptability seamlessly integrates into humid environments and high-traffic areas such as kitchens and industrial plants, ensuring long-lasting and reliable performance.

The fixing, together with the choice of tile format, color, and grout width, defines the style one aims to achieve, ranging from a more rustic appearance to a contemporary design, showcasing the aesthetic flexibility of natural stoneware. Joints play a multifaceted role, not only shaping the installation style but, more importantly, accommodating the expansion and contraction of the ceramic in response to temperature fluctuations, mitigating the risk of breakages or damage. Additionally, they facilitate the absorption of dimensional differences that natural non-rectified tiles may present.

With an extensive array of formats and designs, including special pieces, natural stoneware offers flexible and creative architectural solutions for various contexts and stylistic preferences.

Effortless maintenance

Maintaining klinker is a breeze, cleaning requires neither expensive products nor labor-intensive procedures. For final work cleaning or tackling embedded stains, a slightly acidic product is recommended for effective results without unnecessary complications. With klinker tiles correctly laid, no special maintenance is required. It's crucial to steer clear of products leaving a surface layer of varnish, wax, or oil, as these can impact the appearance and natural properties of the stoneware.

In day-to-day life, regular klinker cleaning is a cinch with a neutral detergent, streamlining the routine upkeep of the material. The inherent quality and resilience of extruded stoneware ensure that, with proper care, it maintains its appearance and functionality over time. This low-maintenance approach positions natural stoneware as a pragmatic and enduring choice for those in search of a material seamlessly blending technical prowess with easy care.

Natural stoneware, timeless and sustainable

This ceramic stands out as a versatile and durable option. Its authentic connection with nature, combined with remarkable technical features and easy maintenance, positions it as a timeless and attractive choice for multiple outdoor applications. With its strength, robustness, and environmental consciousness, natural stoneware is a secure choice for those seeking a practical and sustainable solution.