Ceramic channel drains

On terraces, Terraklinker channel drainage solutions allow for an excellent combination of floor tiles with ceramic gratings. With this comprehensive solution you can be sure to help prevent falls as all the pieces are non-slip. These grates are ideal for draining rainwater on terraces as well as water overflowing around swimming pools.

The gratings can be fitted over a channel built on site or over Terraklinker channel drains. These channels are easy to maintain, as you have quick access to the gutter by simply lifting the grating.

We have two models of drain in the Natural collection:

  • Drain XL with the following internal sizes, 20 wide and 9 high,
  • Drain L with those internal sizes, 14 wide and 8 high. For this drain we recommend putting a perforated drain (on its side) for every 9 pieces which will be fixed.

The XL grates are highly resistant, they bear a lot of weight due to their concave rear part. These gully grills with their corners are also available in the Lava and Basalto collections. For the terraces in Lava or Basalto you can use the channel drains in Natural and put a gully grill XL in Lava or Basalto since these gratings entirely cover the channel.

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Klinker channel drains