Frost-resistant outdoor tiles

When choosing flooring for garden areas or for renovating your terrace, you will need to consider not only the appearance of the tiles but also their resistance to the elements and the passage of time. Over time, outdoor tiles suffer wear due to inclement weather, and this mainly depends on how well they withstand thermal shock, i.e. the sudden temperature changes which are very common in regions with continental climates.

Terraklinker tiles perfectly withstand exposure to the elements, in terms of both thermal shock and ice. To resist frost, it is important for the materials to not only withstand temperatures below -40 °C but also to tolerate many freeze-thaw cycles. To comply with the UNE-EN ISO 10545-12 standard, a ceramic tile must withstand 100 freeze-thaw cycles. At the request of Terraklinker, the frost-resistance test was carried out with 200 cycles and the tiles underwent no changes at all in their structure or their appearance.

The durability of a material depends not only on withstanding the most adverse weather conditions but also on its resistance to circulation and usage (8 on the Mohs Hardness Scale for Terraklinker tiles).

In areas with very cold climates with humidity and frost, it is essential for the chosen flooring to be safe, i.e. Class C according to the non-slip norm DIN 51097.

Whichever collection you choose for your terrace or porch…, even if it looks like terracotta as the Antica collection does, all of them are highly resistant to frost and thermal changes.

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Frost-resistant outdoor tiles