Indoor klinker

Klinker stands out for its remarkable technical qualities and is widely chosen for outdoor paving. Thanks to its robustness and exceptional technical performance, Terraklinker's stoneware is also an optimal choice for covering high-traffic interior public spaces, such as museums, highway service stations, and even ski facilities.

Collection of natural stoneware for indoors

While extruded natural stoneware is often linked to outdoor paving, Terraklinker has introduced a specialized line for indoor applications. This clinker collection features a smoother texture, making regular cleaning easier. Despite this smoother surface, in comparison to the natural stoneware used for outdoors, the floor tiles and step treads maintain the same look and the same technical characteristics, emphasizing their durability and their slip resistance.

Terraklinker's interior collection encompasses square tiles, among which the Provenzal model stands out, as well as step tiles in various formats, providing a perfect solution for spaces within homes, galleries, foyers, and hallways... The combination of refined aesthetics with technical durability makes this option perfect for those interior spaces that require both style and functionality.

Klinker floor tiles and step treads for indoors