Terraklinker stoneware factory meets with professionals from the contract sector

Instructions for laying natural stonewareMore than 12 international decision-makers and Spanish specifiers discovered our natural stoneware tiles and collections as part of the Plan Contract Aragón 2019 programme organised by Aragón Exterior and the Aragon Chambers of Commerce as part of the AREX Habitat Plan "Made in Aragón".

Between 15 and 17 May, talks, visits to local factories and meetings were held, bringing together more than 50 companies, providing a space to share information, knowledge, experiences and new business opportunities with more than 12 international decision-makers and Spanish prescribers from the contract sector (architects, designers, interior designers, hotel operators/developers...). On this occasion, the attendees presented a profile with a main focus on Latin America.

During their stay in Aragón, we shared with the attendees the firing process that makes us unique and why our tiles are the most resistant to temperature changes. One of the characteristics that most attracted the attention of the visitors is the low environmental impact that Terraklinker produces, not only because of the selection of 100% natural raw materials, but also because, in the production process, we generate very little waste, recycling 100% of the excess material. This sustainability in production and the robustness and resistance of the final product is what positions Terraklinker ceramic stoneware as one of the chosen options for the participants' tourist centre projects.

We had the pleasure of presenting to the attendees the new collection of stair fronts that we have just launched to the market.

You can download the catalogue with all the models to keep you informed of all the new products.

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