Non-slip and frost-resistant outdoor klinker flooring

Klinker tiles are an excellent frost-resistant and anti-slip outdoor flooring. These two characteristics, excellent slip resistance and exceptional frost-resistance, make all Terraklinker collections completely reliable for very humid regions or areas with extreme climatic conditions.

Non-slip outdoor ceramic

Terraklinker ceramic is non-slip whether the floor is dry or wet. Therefore, it can be fixed with confidence in sloping indoor wet areas, in outdoor areas with swimming pools, showers, in sloping outdoor terraces...

Terraklinker meets the requirements of the Spanish Technical Building Code with Class 3 and obtains the R12 classification in the Din 51130 test where the inclination is between 27 and 35º.

It is important to know that the slip resistance of Terraklinker tiles lasts over time, the pedestrian traffic does not affect its non-slip property.

We remind that the daily cleaning of Terraklinker ceramics should be carried out only with household products.

Frost resistant flooring

For regions where weather conditions are very harsh, you can always count on high quality klinker, its reliability lasts over time. Its frost resistance property goes beyond its perfect resistance to very low temperatures, it also resists numerous successive freeze/thaw cycles (200 cycles, twice as much as what is required by the UNE-EN-ISO frost resistance standard 10545-12). Even so, we recommend a careful fixing so that the flooring can perfectly withstand frost.

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Non-slip and frost-resistant outdoor klinker flooring