Non-slip ceramic tiles for terraces and ramps

Safety guaranteed with every step

Terraklinker's natural stoneware stands out for its inherent slip resistance, making useless the addition of specific substances during manufacturing or installation. This property offers complete peace of mind regardless of weather conditions, be it rain, humidity, or even ice and frost. Hence, Terraklinker stoneware emerges as an optimal choice for terraces and ramps, where safety is of utmost importance. Whether it's standard tiles or special pieces like step tiles, pool copings, or handrails, they all boast outstanding slip resistance, ensuring confidence with every step.

Anti-slip classification: Class C

Our products meet the most rigorous standards, achieving a Class 3 rating according to the Spanish Technical Building Code, demonstrating that our pieces far exceed the requirements set for priority environments in terms of safety. In tests such as the DIN 51130 test, evaluating slip resistance on inclined and wet surfaces, as well as the DIN 51097 test, our pieces reach categories R12 and C respectively, guaranteeing optimal performance in any condition.

Moreover, according to the ANSI A137.1:2012 standard, which evaluates the dynamic coefficient of friction (DCOF), our tiles achieve the highest rating. This confirms that our products are suitable for sloped surfaces, wheelchair ramps, step tiles, sidewalks, and driveways, ensuring reliability with every stride.

Is terracotta-type klinker slip-resistant?

The Antica collection, renowned for its distinctive terracotta appearance, showcases the seamless fusion of elegance and safety by providing the same level of reliability as our other collections. Its pieces uphold the rigorous standards of slip resistance.

For more information about our products or to receive personalized advice, feel free to contact us by calling +34 937 412 970 or by completing our online contact form. At Terraklinker, safety and customer satisfaction are our priorities.

Non-slip ceramic for terraces and ramps