Guidelines for cleaning and maintenance of Klinker

End of work
It is essential to clean before the mortar dries on the tiles. For this first cleaning use a sponge moistened in water, trying not to empty the joints which are still wet. Rinse the sponge and change the rinsinge water frequently. After a few hours, once the joints have dried, a thorough cleaning will be carried out with clean water.
When the work is finished, a water-diluted descaler, DETERDEK mild acid detergent, or a similar product, may be used. If it is a very dirty surface, the acidic detergent with acidic action, FILAPHZERO or a similar product, will be used to remove dirt and debris. Before applying the ceramic cleaner or acid descaler, the floor will be wetted to saturate the joints with water and protect them from the action of the cleaner. After washing, remove the remaining product with plenty of clean water.

It is recommended not to use any product that leaves a superficial layer of varnish, wax or oil, since it would facilitate the adherence of dirt, it could change the tonalities of the surface and it could also affect its most outstanding technical characteristics such as its anti-slip properties, among others.

Cleaning and maintenance
For the usual cleaning and good maintenance of the natural stoneware flooring, we recommend the use of a neutral detergent, FILACLEANER or a similar product. For tough dirt stains the following detergents are suggested:

                               TYPE OF DIRT                               PRODUCT
            Common spots that leave traces: Oils, grease,
            organic dirt, rubber shoes, tires, dyes, traces of
            water paint, etc.
          FILAPS87 degreasing detergent or
          similar. FILANO SPOT or similar, in case
          of oil stains


           Remains of lime, cement, efflorescence, oxides,


          DETERDEK detergent or similar acid

           Other types of paint residue           Solvent adapted to the particular type of


Please observe the instructions for use provided by the cleaning agent.