Instructions for frost-resistant klinker fixing

Terraklinker floor tiles resist thermal changes and temperatures below -40º C (they comply with the UNE- EN-ISO 10545-12 and UNE-EN-ISO 10545-9 standards).

It is also necessary to use the appropriate building materials for severe climates. Consult the recommendations indicated in the fixing instructions of our technical data sheet or ask the suppliers for full information of bonding and joint materials.

The building standards will be respected to avoid the tensions produced by:

  • The differences in expansion between the concrete and the klinker tiles
  • Water that freezes in the cracks of the concrete.

We recommend following the steps indicated in the diagram:

Basic fixing recommendations

The expansion joints will be applied every 3 or 5 lm. They must be flexible, well bonded and reach the waterproofing material. The thickness of those joints will be from 10 to 15 mm.

The following criteria will be taken into account:

  • Respect the building structural joints,
  • Avoid surfaces of more than 15-20 sqm without joints,
  • Avoid lengths of more than 4-5 lm without joints,
  • The layout of the expansion joints that depends of:
    • The size and distribution of the coating surfaces,
    • The mechanical stress,
    • The physical demand for changes in temperature,
    • The colour of the klinker tiles,
    • The insolation and orientation of the floor tiles.

We recommend a slope of 2 % in outdoor areas of more than 25 sqm. For a good maintenance of your outdoors with Terraklinker we recommend consulting our guidelines sheet for cleaning and maintenance of klinker.