Klinker windowsills

The klinker window sill emerges as an essential construction solution for achieving both aesthetic and functional copings in open areas, particularly in balconies and windows. This extruded ceramic piece exhibits remarkable resistance to both frost and solar radiation.

Its specific design allows for efficient rainwater drainage, preventing direct dripping onto the facade and thereby mitigating potential damage. Its durability and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions make this piece a reliable choice, ensuring the protection and aesthetic appeal of terraces, balconies, and windows.

Availability of Terraklinker window sills

Featuring a 30 cm depth, this piece ensures a solid grip on the base, providing stability and durability. Careful consideration is given to the choice of format to adapt to the needs and dimensions of the surrounding ceramic tiles. Hence, our diverse size options, such as 20x30, 25x30, and 33x30, seamlessly blend with the standard dimensions across our Natural, Antica, Lava and Basalto collections.

The versatility of these ceramic drip edges is not only reflected in their dimensions but also in their availability across multiple collections. Our options offer various textured styles to meet your preferences and aesthetic requirements.

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Frost-resistant window sill