Ceramic for pool copings

Why choose ceramics for your pool crowning? The advantage of Terraklinker ceramic is that it is a hygienic material, easy to maintain and highly resistant to thermal changes (withstanding large differences between daytime and nighttime temperatures).

Why opt for natural stoneware for pool copings? Ceramic material such as natural stoneware is ideal for pool edges as well as the spaces surrounding the pool because it is completely safe. Preventing slipping in such areas is a top priority. All Terraklinker pieces, floor tiles, pool edges, gratings for terraces, step tiles…  are non-slip and therefore highly recommended for spaces where safety is crucial, especially regarding the ability to walk safely.

You can choose between several models of pool edges: the Mediterranean pool edges with their internal and external corners for traditional pools and for infinity pools there are two models, Finlandesa and XL overflow pool edges with the inner corner.

Thnaks to its non-slip property and its high resistance to salts, klinker is very suitable for pool edges and terraces around.

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Ceramic for pool copings