Klinker pool copings

Pool copings, also referred to as pool edgings, are essential components that visually and functionally define the space between the aquatic area and the surrounding terrace. They play a vital role in ensuring safety in the pool area, requiring careful consideration of materials for their durability, safety, and aesthetic impact.

Pool safety with pool copings

When ensuring safety in pool areas, preventing slips and falls becomes paramount. That's why having materials with non-slip surfaces is essential for minimizing risks. In this regard, extruded stoneware emerges as an ideal option, with its inherent non-slip feature present in all elements, floor tiles, pool copings, channels, grates, or stairs. With a Class C rating according to the DIN 51097 standard, our tiles provide a reliably safe surface in aquatic surroundings.

Durability of klinker

The durability of pool copings is essential for a sustainable investment. Extruded stoneware stands out for its exceptional wear resistance, maintaining both appearance and functionality without experiencing colour fading or deterioration over time. Beyond its durability against wear, its high resistance to salts and chemicals makes it an optimal choice for pool edges and surrounding areas. Resilient to all weather conditions and extreme temperature variations, including frost, extruded stoneware adapts seamlessly to diverse climates without compromising its quality or appearance. Maintenance is simple and practical, requiring only the use of neutral detergents for cleaning. Its resistance and non-slip features remain intact over time, providing a safe and aesthetically pleasing surface for many years to come.

Choosing pool copings

Choosing pool copings involves selecting materials that enhance the surroundings and reflect the desired style. With our extrusion production system, we are able to design pieces that seamlessly fit the requirements of your pool's edging, offering thus a range of pool edge models tailored to various aesthetic styles and preferences. Whether you're after a classic or contemporary design, our diverse collections provide options that align with your aesthetic and functional needs.

Our Mediterranean pool copings feature both interior and exterior corners, with rounded and raised edges designed to prevent dirt or sand from entering the pool basin, making them ideal for traditional pools. In contrast, our overflow coping system is engineered for seamless integration between the pool's interior and exterior. This is exemplified by our Finlandesa and XL models, each showcasing their interior corner piece. Furthermore, our diverse collections have been carefully designed to satisfy a wide variety of aesthetic styles, from the rustic charm of the Antica collection to the minimalist elegance of the Basalto collection experience.

The aesthetic appeal of a pool is just as important as its functionality, and pool edges play a crucial role in both aspects. That's why it's important to opt for top-quality materials that are not only durable and safe but also visually pleasing, ensuring a reliable aquatic environment.

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