Distinctive features of Terraklinker natural stoneware

Embarking on a comprehensive exploration of Terraklinker natural stoneware, we delve into a distinctive experience where meticulous craftsmanship seamlessly converges with cutting-edge technology. Every detail of the manufacturing process is dedicated to achieving excellence in both quality and aesthetics, resulting in a hard-wearing ceramics with an authentic shade variation.

Manufacturing process of TK klinker

For the firing process of its material, Terraklinker opted for intermittent kilns over tunnel kilns, establishing a distinctive feature that truly sets it apart. This type of kiln provides the capability to control high temperatures and modulate atmospheres within the kiln, thereby achieving appreciable effects with the clays.

Technical Features of TK klinker

Terraklinker's natural stoneware stands out notably in terms of resistance and durability. Surpassing standards in frost resistance, it demonstrates outstanding resilience to extreme conditions. Additionally, it is important to highlight its slip resistance (Class C) over time. These qualities are backed by decades of experience in the market, solidifying the reputation of Terraklinker-Gres de Breda as a reliable and enduring choice in the realm of exterior floor coverings.

Installation of TK klinker

In terms of installation, these tiles stand out for their more pronounced grooves on the backside, facilitating efficient distribution of grouting and thereby enhancing their robustness once installed.

Product Range of TK klinker

Terraklinker excels not only for its exceptional functionality but also for the diversity of options it offers. It presents a wide range of special pieces, spanning from step tread in various formats to specific details like round edges with their corners. The extensive product range includes multiple formats of handrails and pieces designed specifically for pool areas, such as pool pool copings, drainage channels, and grates.

Terraklinker aesthetics

In terms of aesthetics, Terraklinker's natural stoneware is unmistakable, standing out for its vibrant colors that evoke the warm tones of the Mediterranean. The authentic and natural shade variation of each collection, achieved during firing through the interaction between fire and clays, provides a unique dimension to floorings.

All collections, being natural and unglazed, possess a distinctive personality. Some exhibit warm tones reminiscent of terracotta, even recalling leather nuances. Others, like Lava collection with its shades of red wine and Basalto collection suggesting slate colors, transport us from the Mediterranean hues to the more subdued environments of other regions and urban spaces.

This natural stoneware boasts exceptional resistance, durability, and distinctive aesthetics. Terraklinker-Gres de Breda stands not just as a reliable and enduring option for outdoor flooring but embodies the seamless integration of functionality, aesthetics, and environmental responsibility.

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